Artist’s Colorful Textile Creations Become Top-Selling Gift Items

Mandi Smethells’ cozy, soft and colorful wall hangings are much sought after as gift items. And the reason is not far to seek. Her gorgeous weavings, in the form of rainbow wall hangings, have been brightening up many a home.

Art was Smethells first love as far as she can remember. The reason why this artist, based in St. Paul in Minnesota, USA, enrolled in the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA, and graduated with a degree in Fine Art, majoring in printmaking. However, she never considered art as a career. For one, she was married and was mother to two doting daughters and, two, she was also holding a full-time job.

After graduating, Smethells had landed a job in a modern furniture company based in Minnesota, USA. This provided her exposure to working with textiles, color, and patterns. It was her love for fiber and textiles that got her thinking about the ways she can use them creatively and start creating something on her own.

The opportunity came when her twin sister showed her some woven wall hangings and Smethells was instantly obsessed with the idea of creating them. She honed her weaving skills and, by trial and error, started creating beautiful woven art, devoting many hours outside her full-time job. Once she found her art business rapidly growing, she said goodbye to her job and became a full-time artist.

How passionate this artist is about her art is evident from what she states on her website, “The work I create is near and dear to my heart. As a mother, I am inspired by my daughters who embrace joyful imagery that is brought to life with playful color. I can’t help but feel that each piece I create is adding a little more positivity to the world, which has sometimes been in short supply lately! I hope that my work puts a smile on your face.”

Today, Smethells’ creations sell like hotcakes on her website and her Etsy shop. Her work is popular on the net and she has a following of over 70,000 fans on Instagram alone.

Mandi Smethells

Website | Instagram | Etsy Store

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