Australian Acrobat Shoots To Overnight Stardom By Tumbling Over A Fence

This guy is simply sensational. He’s not only a stuntman and a Parkour athlete, but also a Tik Tok star, lip-sync artist, and a dancer. Meet this Australian wonder boy, Jiemba Sands, from Tasmania, Australia.

Jiemba would have remained unknown had it not been for one clip that made him a viral star overnight. Although he was seeking fame by creating content online, it wasn’t really going anywhere. His break came when he shot a video of his tumbling over a fence. It went viral instantly, making thousands flock to his Instagram page overnight.

Jiemba explains his struggle on, “No one was paying attention (to whatever he posted on the social media), so I thought about how to stand out more. It was either be the best of the best, which is really hard, or just be unique. I started trying to be more creative with my content.” The result was his tumble over the fence.

Thanks to this video, Jiemba made 600,000 followers on Instagram that year itself. Today, his following has mushroomed to over a million on Instagram and thousands on Tik Tok and YouTube. He earns between US$5,000 to US$10,000 a month from these and through sponsorship, photoshoots, and product promotion.

Jiemba credits his athleticism to his parents since his father is an acrobat and his mother, a dancer. He has been performing tricks since his childhood, tumbling being his specialty. He got introduced to gymnastics and circus when he was only five and got into Freerunning and Parkour as a teenager.

However, it’s his breathtaking tumbling tricks that thrill the viewers, among his other incredible feats that include stunts over fences, logs, cars, airport lounges, and doing handstands across the busiest pedestrian crossing at Hobart in Tasmania, Australia.

One would think that driving the body to extremes over the years would’ve landed him with injuries. Surprisingly, he has sustained only minor wounds, the most serious being a sprained ankle!

Jiemba next stop is Los Angles, where he plans to create more acrobatic content in the hope of becoming truly famous on the global stage.

Jiemba Sands

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