Lego Artist Creates Feminist Art With Lego Bricks To Highlight Women Issues

Andre Veloux, painter and sculptor, is most vocal about feminist issues, such as women’s rights, violence against women, patriarchal entitlement, sex-based discrimination, and the like. However, instead of raising placards in support of women, he lets his Lego art do the talking and how!

This British artist, who’s based in Princeton, New Jersey, USA, is a master at creating feminist art entirely from Lego bricks. The intricate work he creates from these colored bricks is to be seen to be believed. He has created a series of portraits of feminist icons…the strong, powerful, and self-motivated women, whose determination placed them where they’re now.

Veloux prefers commercially available Lego bricks because they’re not only lightweight and durable but also available in almost all the colors you need. And they’re easy to use, too. However, one look at his many videos would show what a back-breaking job this is! Says he about Lego on his website, “Lego, in all its various forms, is at the same time limiting as well as limitless in its possibilities.”

This Lego artist has displayed his works in a number of galleries across the country, such as Scope Art Show in Miami, Krause Gallery in New York City, and many more. His works are also in private collections worldwide and also installed in public spaces.

Veloux’s works have also been featured in Blended NYC, Curated by Girls, Insider Art, Little Things TV, Quiet Lunch, The Tax Collection, Vice, WideWalls, and many others.

Andre Veloux

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