London-Based Surreal Collage Artist Creates Handmade Artworks By Combining Vintage Imageries

Maya Mladenovic, who identifies herself as Maya Land on the internet, is making waves for her work in vintage imagery. Her works have become so popular they’ve become part of many exhibitions and galleries.

What Maya does is unique indeed. She combines scenes from different vintage imageries to create cards, postcards, and framed images. Her take on everyday scenes is not only something unique, but quite delightful too. According to her, her works explore the social and political issues people face in contemporary society.

One look at her works and you’d know what she exactly means. For instance, one frame shows people playing in the snow with giant redwood trees in the background turned into buildings with windows, another shows a couple in their bed with the choppy sea as their quilt, and yet another one shows ladies drinking tea in the living room with carpet turned into the countryside with a river and a bridge! Her handmade vintage imagery, when joined together, certainly creates another world and another meaning.

Maya is a born artist. From the tender age of five, she has been creating art. It wasn’t surprising that she chose to study arts when she grew up. After earning a Bachelor of Arts degree with honors, from the University of Greenwich in London, UK, she joined The Art Academy, London, UK, and specialized in oil painting. She also took private classes with various artists.

After graduating from art school, she, instead of pursuing oil painting in the traditional way, changed tracks, and started doing collage art. This, according to her, remains her true love. Her works have been well received by the art world is evident from the fact that they’ve been displayed in various exhibitions and galleries around the world.

The good news is the original works of this London-based surreal collage artist are for sale on her website. The vintage cards are in the price range of around $3 to $4 for single cards and postcards, with a pack of cards is priced at $22. Her framed imagery sells between $38 to $113, depending upon the size. All her works can be ordered from anywhere in the world.

Maya Land

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