Japanese Wood Carving Artist Infuses Life Into His Amazing Animal-Themed Creations

Japanese wood carving artist Akihiko Yoshida, who identifies himself as Nikichi on Instagram and other social media platforms, is a master at carving oh-so-cute animals. His touch is so delicate that his wood creations appear like fluffy soft toys!

For the past nine years, Nikichi has developed his unique wood carving technique and is always on the lookout for new and original ideas. His subjects generally revolve around animals and he portrays them in all their moods and expressions. He endeavors to create a mythical world through his creations, catering to the instincts and tastes of his wild animals.

Give this incredible woodcarver a piece of wood and he’ll make it work. However, not any wood would do for him, he specifically sources it from trees growing in Hokkaido, the northmost of Japan’s main islands. It’s his deft touch and fine carving that brings out his subjects in such remarkable details and with the right expressions. Sample his pair of polar bears hugging each other or the two cats cuddling each other. They all look so happy and at ease.

Nikichi has held many solo and group exhibitions. His animal-themed creations have adorned various galleries in Japan, such as Sapporo Mitsukoshi Gallery, Ginza Mitsukoshi Gallery, Sapporo Tea Hall Homura Nikichi Exhibition, and many more. He has also exhibited his creations made during the Rebun era at iichi.com. He’s currently involved in major work for displaying in his solo exhibition.


Akihiko Yoshida

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