This Artist Donates Henna Crowns To Cancer Patients Gone Bald Due To Chemo

You know what is worse than getting diagnosed with cancer, it is getting bald by the chemo side effects during treatment. This is especially true for women, who shed their beautiful tresses and look unsightly.

Sarah Walters is witness to such an upsetting condition when she lost her stepfather to cancer. If you are wondering who she is, she is a professional henna artist of repute, who was so moved by the plight of her stepfather that she is started helping people battling cancer by creating henna crowns on their bald pate to help them look beautiful. She offers her services free of charge.

It was in 2008 that Walters discovered henna, a part of the rich Indian tradition. Needless to say, she immediately got smitten by the intricacy and the beauty of henna designs. She honed her skills by studying the works of other henna artists and not only practised designing but also perfected her homemade henna blend. This took several years but made her an expert in this field. She soon turned professional and left her corporate career in data analytics.

As a henna artist, Walters is an expert in blending traditional with the modern. She fuses traditional henna designs with modern designs to always create something delightful for the eyes. She not only makes henna designs on hands and legs but on all parts of the body, even pregnant bellies!

Walter’s hands remain full since her fascinating design attract people in droves. One has to take private appointments for her one-of-a-kind designs. She is not only passionate about henna designing but also loves to interact with people. Says she, “I love henna as a unique art form and also as a way of connecting with people. In our increasingly electronic world, these connections, however brief, help to fulfil our basic human need for real contact with others.”

So, how did people get to know about her free services for the cancer patients? It was her mother who first introduced her to her friend, who at the time was fighting cancer and had gone bald due to chemotherapy. She made Walters do a henna crown on her head and this is what started her into helping anyone and everyone who had lost their hair due to chemo.

Walter’s henna crowns not only help cancer patients regain their beauty but also ease their unbearable pain, resulting from chemotherapy. It is not at all surprising that her work has featured in ABC, BBC, Evening magazine and in other media. 

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