Born Without Legs, He Becomes Paralympics Champion

Imagine what a struggle life can become being born without legs! Zion Clark, who became a victim of caudal regression syndrome that arrested the development of his lower body, did not let this handicap affect him. Not only did he manage his daily life, but also become a champion wrestler and a racer.

Image Via: Zion Clark/Instagram

A tattoo on Clark’s back – ‘No Excuses’ – sums up the life’s philosophy of this 21-year-old African-American. Born in Columbus, Ohio, he was given up for adoption and moved from one foster home to another, during which he picked up wrestling at the age of two.

Image Via: Zion Clark/Instagram

An art teacher in Clark’s school encouraged him to take up this sport seriously. However, it was no cakewalk. He lost all his bouts in his junior years but eventually managed to make it to the semi-finals in his senior year.

Image Via: Zion Clark/Instagram

However, more than this achievement was his nationwide recognition. Kimberli Hawkins, a mother of two, adopted him, which stabilized his life. He went on to participate in Paralympics, not as a wrestler, but as a wheelchair racer.

Image Via: Zion Clark/Instagram

He won 100-meter and 400-meter state titles in 2016, becoming the fastest wheelchair racer in Ohio. Currently, he is studying business management at Kent State University, Tuscarawas, New Philadelphia. 


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