This Amazing Cartoonist Creates Exaggerated Portrait Cartoons In Exact Image Of Living Persons

Heard of the fastest draw in the West? Well, here’s a person, who claims to be the fastest. But, he doesn’t use guns, but wields a pen or his smartphone app to draw cartoons at lightning speed. Little wonder this cartoonist is credited with being the fastest in the world. And fast doesn’t mean he compromises on quality of his work.

Meet Xi Ding, a Chinese by origin, settled in Germany, who is fluent in Mandarin, German and English languages. But, it is his amazing cartoons that hold sway over people. He is totally at ease in drawing in both traditional and digital formats. However, he loves doing live caricatures at parties, under the adoring eyes of his subjects.

As far as speed goes, Xi can do 20 heads per hour on paper and 16 heads per hour in digital format, both in black & white. He first makes the basic shape of his subject, exaggerated of course, with a pencil and then makes them bold with a black marker. The amazing part is, it takes only one to three minutes for a portrait cartoon.

Although his cartoons look extremely exaggerated, they display an incredible similarity.This is what makes people admire him for. And not only people, leading corporates and companies also use Xi’s services. The companies who have booked Xi include Microsoft, Samsung, HTC, Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Henkel, Krafts Foods, KPMG, Accenture and many more.

It is a week’s wait to get Xi’s appointment for getting your portrait done.

Image Via: Xi Ding

Image Via: Xi Ding

Image Via: Xi Ding

Image Via: Xi Ding

Image Via: Xi Ding

Image Via: Xi Ding

Image Via: Xi Ding

Image Via: Xi Ding

Image Via: Xi Ding

Image Via: Xi Ding

Xi Ding

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