This Food Artist Creates Incredible Works Of Art From Sashimi

It’s quite usual to see celebrity chefs and food artists create masterpieces out of fruits, vegetables, and desserts. However, finding food art from non-vegetarian fare is rare. Mikyou, a Japanese amateur who loves home cooking, creates fantastic food art out of sashimi.

Sashimi, by the way, is thinly sliced raw fish that uses tuna, salmon, Japanese amberjack, among others. It’s akin to sushi, which is also raw fish but is served on vinegar rice.

Mikyou creates incredible sashimi art by slicing up fish and arranging it in such aesthetic ways to create wonderful works of art that people lovingly term as sashimi art. What’s even more incredible is this artist is totally untrained in food art and simply fashions beautiful creations from his own ideas at home.

The ideas that Mikyou displays in his food art are really astounding. His sashimi platter creations include angels, dragons, mermaids, unicorns and what have you. He mainly uses raw, thinly-sliced fish in his compositions that he integrates with other ingredients. It’s his aesthetic sense and rich imagination that helps him combine and arrange all these ingredients in such beautiful forms and alluring hues.

How did Mikyou get inspired to create food art? According to him, it all began as a game, while he was teaching his kid about food preparation. He hit upon the idea of creating food art while artistically arranging various food ingredients to impress his kid. The rest, as they say, is history.

Mikyou’s food art has taken social media by storm. Not only do his incredible food creations enjoy a viewership of over 30,000 on Instagram, but he has also garnered a whopping over 1,450,000 likes on his Facebook page!

So, the next time you decide to host a party with sashimi on the menu, don’t forget to take your ideas from this sashimi food artist. Your guests will simply go gaga over them.



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