Reddit Bans Professional Artist From 22M Subreddit For Being An Alleged AI Artist

How Many People Believe Art Created By AI Is Real? An Artist Gets Banned For His Pics

Today, Ben Moran, a professional artist with over 100,000 followers and over a million views on his YouTube channel, was banned from an art group with over 22 million followers on Reddit. The reason? The moderators said he was an AI artist.

In a Twitter thread, Ben explains: “I have been permanently banned from a 22M followed art group in Reddit. And this is what I get when asking the mod. Am I really need to give up my art style?” The moderators didn’t even give him a chance to show that he really owned the artwork.

Ben has provided screenshots showing how he creates his artwork from start to finish—and it’s clear he uses Photoshop (like any other professional artist) to create his pieces. So why are people accusing him of using AI when all evidence points to the fact that he doesn’t?

Whether AI art is an evolution or a danger for the future of true art. We can’t tell. But we are in a world in which real artists is being punished because he’s the victim of these thief called AI artists.

Personally, I think this is a dark side of AI art. But, if AI art had not existed, we will never find out those artists who have new and creative thoughts on Art.

The biggest problem that Ben is facing here is that he can’t prove his ownership of the artwork, and he’s not allowed to use any medium to explain. So far we don’t really have any information on why it was banned.

This is sad and shows how artists are still being treated in our modern societies. Ben has almost driven away from a field he worked so hard to get into even though this image isn’t generated by a machine, it’s all Ben’s artwork. It’s inevitable that AI will replace many jobs in many industries, but how can we save the jobs of real artists?

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