Roland Mikhail: The Art and Life of an Urban Mythologist

Roland Mikhail is an artist and teacher whose work is rooted in mythology, symbolism, and Jujitsu. He has spent the last decade excavating his childhood and uncovering the hidden parts of the psyche, allowing him to create art that is both beautiful and meaningful. As an artist in residence at the North American Sculpture Center, an anatomy instructor at Pratt Institute, and a union member in the film industry, Roland has been able to hone his craft and explore his creative potential. Now, he is a painter, sculptor, and marble carver, and his work continues to push boundaries and inspire.

Roland is an artist to watch, a young man with the skill to master many mediums and subject matters. His focus on mythology, anatomy, and symbolism bodes well for his long-term creative efforts and shows great promise for the future.

As an artist, Roland is best known for his portraits, sculptures, and drawings. His carved marble busts are the newest addition to his repertoire of artistic skills. He has devoted himself to learning the art of carving marble and is taking commissions.

Every sculpture he makes seems to be a stand-alone piece of art that can tell a story on its own, but when you observe all of his sculptures together they form a collective narrative. At the same time, they are all individual pieces that draw you in with their own distinct forms and styles. Roland was very difficult to place in one specific style, but his blend of realism, impressionism, and fantasy elements places him well within the realm of fantasy artists. His sculptures are designed to appeal to both the mind and heart of the observer.

Roland Mikhail

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