Real-life Transformers Could Be Your Ride to the Next Transformers Movie

Transformers– a movie which almost made you believe aliens come in the form of robots that can transform themselves into expensive cars. They are, of course, largely fictional. Or are they?

The 5th installment of the Transformers film is coming this 2017. Shimmering supercars like Chevrolet Camaro, Laborborghini Centenario, and Aston Martin DB11 are already seen darting on the streets of London. Riding on the hype, a group of Turkish engineers has made the impossible possible by building a real-life remote-controlled Transformer.

It took 4 technicians and 12 engineers, working under Turkish R&D Company Letrons, to restructure a red BMW car into a fierce transforming robot, complete with legs, arms, neck, and face.

The machine, of course, is not a pure blooded Transformer. It can’t fly, battle Decepticons, or move. But let’s face it, that does not make it less cool. At least, you will still be able to drive the BMW using a remote control.

Image Via: Letrons Website

For now, no person can fit inside the car as space is limited. However, the engineers are confident that given enough time and funding, they could make it possible, too. The Transformer BMW can actually be drivable in the future!

How does it transform from an awesome BMW to an even more awesome robot?

First, the vehicle doors open and extend to become arms. The bumper is raised. The car takes a vertical position. Then, the head emerges from the car’s roof. Finally, you have the real-life Transformer standing in red splendor. All of these happen in just a matter of seconds!

Watch the full video of transformation here: 

The whole team is now working on a line of transforming BMW robots– of different shapes, colors, and sizes. Imagine having one of them!

If you want, you can actually buy one of these robots in the future as they are for sale. However, considering the number of people and the amount of time and money dedicated to creating them, you can expect the price to go up the roof. Also, you may have to state your reason for purchasing the robot, before your order is approved. Who knows? You might want to take over the world using them.

It turns out that anything can really happen. Thanks to Letron and its brilliant team, we may soon see a group of Transformers come to life (though not literally). If want to know more about the project, check the company’s site at 


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