Incredibly Hand-Made Mystique Cosplay in Mid-Transformation Stuns Everyone at NYCC

A distinct and unique custom wowed the audiences at NYCC (New York Comic Con) last year. The wearer of this stunning costume is a creative young lady named Rebecca Lindsay. She’s consistently participating at the NYCC for the past 7 years. The kind of costume she flaunted this weekend was a gorgeous Mystique costume. This is her first Mystique cosplay, and she pulled if off spot on.

Image: Rebecca Lindsay

What makes her costume really fascinating is that it’s not the normal Mystique look. It’s only a mid-transformation, showing both the shapeshifting Marvel character’s human and superhero form. She really wanted to flash the character’s dual identity. Thus, she diligently and enthusiastically browsed the web for some electric blue bodysuits and some army costumes. She added an attractive hint of sequins that helped her cover the seams of her outfit.

Image: Rebecca Lindsay

She perfectly sewed the army uniform on top and voilà! The sequins she brilliantly used not only helped in working out the costume but also had of dual purpose as a creative part of the makeup transformation. It made the whole look extra exciting. Not only her costume but also her face was amazingly part of the double-makeover.

Image: Rebecca Lindsay

Even the wigs were masterfully set. The wigs of red were tightly sewn blending seamlessly to the human form’s silver hair. Rebecca’s hair is originally blonde, and all her natural hair was completely covered with the hair guise. This completes the look, which appears really awesome.

Marvel fans, especially those who especially love Mystique, can play with their imagination while looking over Rebecca’s transformation. They can imagine watching the real Mystique show changing appearance live and then having the power to pause everything midway and marvel at how beautiful the actual transformation emergence is.

Image: Imgur

Overall, her costume is not overstated, unlike most cosplays, yet it still looks just perfect. If you’re planning to attend NYCC soon, hopefully you can learn something from Rebecca and think about a unique costume concept that looks uncomplicated yet striking. Your imagination is the only limit. Extract your creativity and simply have fun with it.

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