This Mysterious Library in the Woods Fulfills Every Bookworm’s Fantasies!

We’re sure you’ve fantasised about magical places when reading one of the fantasy books you’ve had as a child, but who would have thought they can actually come to life.

A tiny lonesome library in the middle of the wilderness somewhere in New York looks like it comes straight from the pages of a book. Crazy, huh? Well, here’s what I’m talking about.

This uninhabited property stands alone surrounded by towering oak trees in the upstate New York. Creatively conceptualized and created by US firm Studio Padron as a guest house, the secluded library is constructed using the same kind of wood that encircles it. It is naturally mounted as a small dark-colored cabin with a glowing light coming out through a transparent window that attracts random passers-by to check it out – at least if there’s any!

Its artsy creators call it Hemmelig Rom, which in Norway means “secret room”. Pretty obviously, the cozy library lives up to its name since its strategically placed in a concealed location. It is indeed a magical place for book lovers who love quiet solitude!

Hemmelig Rom is constructed by a team of creative engineers, architects, designers, etc. by hand. This includes Laura Harmon, Scott Woods, Jon Vall, Todd Beeby, Jared Cocken, Grant Delin, and Rob Wakeland.

The said library guest house is a 200-square meter cabin that consists of a regular-sized arm chair, a single bed, and a manual heater to make your bookworm fantasies a reality! The winter’s cold is easily blocked by the burning of wood in the stove. Given the library’s location, wood supply would always be sufficient for a guest’s total stay duration. Also, the small detached study comes with a comfy blanket to accompany solo guests in their isolation.

What makes it more interesting is that the interior walls are made of oak wood as well and are used as shelves that hold the property’s wide book collection. Guests are also invited to leave a message in any of the 2,500 books.  It’s aesthetically designed to match every old soul’s desire for peace and quiet – the introvert’s perfect getaway!

If you’ve long been wanting to spend some quality time with yourself and relive some childhood fantasies, this library guest house is the ideal place to relax, recharge, rethink and probably make major life decisions, too!

h/t: Mashable

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