Indonesian Artist Merges Two Superhero Characters into One to Create Something Unexpected

Superhero creators have created such immortal superhero characters that their lovers simply dote on them. They can even recognize them in their sleep! Sandevil Sandh is one such amazing artist, who recreates these immortal characters but with a twist. He merges two superheroes in the same illustration to create something entirely new!

This freelance digital artist from Tangerang, Indonesia gives form to his fantastic ideas by combining the features of two superhero characters that one or more similarities into one illustration. The common features can be the color, such as The Hulk and Shrek, the two green-colored characters, or it can be the body type, such as the busty Aquawoman and Poison Ivy, and many suchlike characters. He exploits the similarities of not only color and body type, but also of professions, materials, attitudes, abilities, obsessions, and much else.

Ask him to describe himself and Sandevil states, “I’m just a simple person with a complicated attitude; a dreamer with a complex imagination”. This description is quite evident in all his creations. For him, this kind of artwork is quite a challenge that he happily accepts.

Sandevil says on, “Making this artwork is quite a fun challenge in itself. I really enjoy it every time I think about what they’ve in common and the process of editing it. I spent over eight hours on each of these pieces. So, I quite hope that I still want to continue this theme with other characters….”

Sandevil’s artwork is steadily growing popular on the internet.


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