Doll Artist Transforms Popular Dolls Into Other Dolls And Dolls Of Living Personalities

Belgian artist Maryna Tezina, who owns the eBay shop Poppen Atelier, customizes Barbies, Monster High, and Ever After Dolls into other dolls and personalities and how! Little wonder her creations have become a rage on the internet. On Instagram alone, her page – poppenatelier – has garnered a following of over 100,000 fans and counting.

According to Maryna, customizing dolls is not only about cutting their hair or adding makeup, it involves erasing the facial features and starting with a blank slate. Once she does that, she modifies the eyes, paints the eyelids, adds eyelashes, and sews or glues new hair.

This Belgian doll artist sources her dolls from second-hand shops and that’s only the beginning. Afterward, she spends hours sculpting, molding, painting, and designing. The end result is always her stunning signature pieces that represent a look or a person. The best part is this artist is able to customize all kinds of dolls.

Maryna provides videos of her transformation process on YouTube, where she transforms the Barbie doll into the James Charles doll, Monster High doll into sexy Jessica Rabbit, Barbie doll into Ariana Grande doll, Barbie doll into Lady Gaga doll, and many more.

Before Maryna embarked on this unique one-of-a-kind doll transformation venture, she was creating textile dolls and fashionable clothes for Barbie dolls. Her popularity grew immensely, once she entered the doll transformation domain. Today, her YouTube videos and tutorials enjoy a viewership of millions. She also sells her customized dolls on her eBay shop.

Poppen Atelier

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