This Man Creates Amazing Dresses Out Of Toilet Paper To Clothe His Collection Of Barbie Dolls

To use something creatively that you wipe with and flush down the toilet is, to say the least, grotesque. But, this thought simply evaporates when you lay your eyes on the dressed-up dolls of Jian Yang on the internet, even though he uses toilet paper for his creations!

With toilet paper, he dresses up his large collection of Barbie dolls. And his large collection totals over 6,000 Barbies and 3,000 other dolls. An envious record for a male collector of Barbie dolls.

And, by Yang’s own admission, his main source of toilet paper are the hotels where he puts up. Since he is the strategic direction of a large group, he gets to spend a lot of time at various hotels. So fascinated is he with dolls that he always travels with one, wherever he goes.

To dress up his dolls, Yang not only uses the toilet paper but also tissues and tape. And each and every couture confection of his is a collectors’ item. His amazingly complex and detailed wedding dresses require patience and perseverance to create.

Yang utilizes all of his spare time in pursuing his hobby, meticulously folding toilet paper or tissues over his dolls to create stunning dresses. 

Image Via: Jian Yang

Image Via: Jian Yang

Image Via: Jian Yang

Image Via: Jian Yang

Image Via: Jian Yang

Image Via: Jian Yang

Image Via: Jian Yang

Image Via: Jian Yang

Image Via: Jian Yang

Jian Yang


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