Meet Mateo Zielonka, popularly known as ‘The Pasta Man’

Polish-Born Chef Creates Spectacular Original Pasta

If you love pasta, you just cannot ignore this amazing chef, who creates his own signature pasta that you may not have seen anywhere else. Meet Mateo Zielonka, popularly known as ‘The Pasta Man’. This Polish-born pasta chef is currently working as a chef at 180 The Strand in London, the UK, which is a collaborative studio and arts space with Soho House.

Zielonka’s pasta is certainly one of a kind. What separates them from the ordinary pasta is his creativity. His pasta has stunning colors and patterns, such as striped, spotted, red and green, and black. And he makes them of every imaginable shape. At times, he takes his inspiration from visiting pasta labs, such as the Pasta lab of Panificio Freddi which was established in 1923, and others.

Zielonka’s inventive mind has made him a much sought-after chef. Besides working at 180 The Strand, he also heads The Store X kitchen, where he has his own pasta space. Before this, he worked in London as a chef for six years, working at Padella, a pasta bar in London serving fresh, hand-rolled pasta with delicious sauces and fillings, and also at Polpo, known for its Venetian style fare using Italian cooking methods that includes pasta and pizzettes.

Zielonka loves to share his knowledge, the reason why he gives pasta lessons online. His pasta videos are doing the rounds on Food52, The Feedfeed, and Designmilk. These videos show the process, from creating the classic golden dough to giving the dish every shape and effect that including creating spots and stripes, lasagna sheets and pappardelle, ravioli pillows, tortellini, and other such delights. In every dish, he uses all-natural ingredients. However, it is The Pasta Man’s recipes of over 40 delicious sauces and suppers that he creates to showcase his delicately crafted pasta.

If you are keen on making pasta, Zielonka has also published a book titled ‘The Pasta Man: The Art of Making Spectacular Pasta – with 40 Recipes’. The book is illustrated with beautiful photography and clear step-by-step instructions. It is not surprising that he has over 255,000 followers on Instagram alone.

Matt Zielonka (The Pasta Man)

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