‘Hidden On Google Earth’ Offers Interesting Earth Views

The advent of Google Earth has helped reveal what has not been previously possible, that is, reveal the Earth as it has never been done before. People often confuse between Google Maps and Google Earth. Whereas Google Maps contains all of the navigation, lightweight mapping power, and points of interest with a hint of satellite imagery, Google Earth has complete 3D satellite data with passing information on places, without any point-to-point navigation.

Google Earth is a virtual globe, map, and geographical information program. It maps the Earth by superimposing images obtained from satellite imagery, aerial photography, and geographic information system 3D globe, allowing users to see cities and landscapes from various angles. Not only this, but it also offers street views in a 360-degree format.

The creator of ‘Hidden On Google Earth’ has used both Google Earth and Google Maps to bring to us some interesting video clips. What is most surprising is the creator does not reveal his/ her identity on any platform. We don’t even know the name or how he/ she looks. But, as they say, it is the work that speaks for itself. This creator has offered some interesting finds on Google Earth and shares them on both Instagram and YouTube. Google Earth videos posted on Instagram are both exciting and intriguing and have caught the imagination of the viewers. Little wonder they enjoy a viewership of over 232,000 followers on this social platform alone.

What makes the video collection so interesting is the happy mix of aerial shots, and street and house views. Take, for instance, the video revealing the shooting of a new Marvel movie that was leaked by Google Maps or the video of what looks like an alien creature leaping from one building to the other. There is also a funny one of a toilet in which a person is stuffed legs up in a commode! Then there are some other videos showing the Yeti, a dinosaur skeleton standing by the roadside, a granny with an axe, and many other interesting ones.

The ‘Hidden On Google Earth’ creator really searched hard on Google Earth to bring such videos to light. All these videos reveal the power of Google Earth which compiles images from various sources. It is truly a treasure-trove of Earth images. The creator of ‘Hidden On Google Earth’ has certainly succeeded in bringing these fascinating, informative, revealing, funny, and even unsettling Earth views to the public.


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Hidden On Google Earth

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