This Spanish Pastry Chef is Recognized the World Over for Delightful Desserts

When a 15-year-old decided to work in a bakery for a summer, little did he know that this will turn into a lifelong passion? Jesus Escalera got so smitten with cooking that the very next year he decided to study it at the Heliopolis cooking school in Seville, Spain. Not only this, he started working in various restaurants in the city.

Although Escalera admits that he was never passionate about sweets but getting exposed to the dessert section of one of the restaurants changed his mind and opened him up to the infinite possibilities that the sweet world could offer. He went on to hone his skills in pastry making and, through sheer hard work and dedication, became the head chef of pastry shops at El Bulli Hotel and restaurants, such as Casa Marcelo, The Fat Duck, and El Bulli.

According to Escalera, the person who inspired him with his style was Albert Adria. He explains on, “…His way of understanding desserts and his simplicity when talking about creativity changed my way of thinking.” He is also inspired by many other pastry chefs.

Escalera, who belongs to Utrera in Seville, Spain, decided to give wings to his project by opening a restaurant called la Postreria in Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico, along with his partner Fer Covarrubias. This restaurant is dedicated exclusively to desserts and everything sweet. It became instantly popular and was recognized by Gourmet Awards as the ‘Best Sweet Experience 2015’, ‘Best Sweet Space in Mexico 2017 and 2018’. It was also named one of the 120 best restaurants in the country for four consecutive years, among other recognitions and awards.

Another of his company, called SweetConcept, aims at spreading the passion for the sweet world. It offers intensive courses, consultancies, and training both nationally and internationally. It organizes training courses in sweet techniques and dessert consulting.

Today, Escalera is an established name in pastry making. It is his culinary skills in transforming his vision and imagining infinite possibilities of pastry making that sets him apart from the rest. It comes as no surprise that the 50Best guide has named him the Best Pastry Chef in Latin America. He is also one of the 100 most creative people in Mexico by Forbes.

Escalera’s popularity can be seen by his following on social media platforms. On Instagram alone, he has over 115,000 fans.

Jesús Escalera

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