Multitalented Artist Makes Her Mark in Painting, Drawing, Animation and Music

Jenny Li, animator, illustrator, and pianist, was inspired by her architect parents to draw when she was a toddler. By the time she was two, she was already proficient in the drawing! Born in Beijing, China, she honed her drawing and piano skills as she grew up.

Li is at ease doing paintings, pencil and charcoal drawings, graphic novels, graphic designs, and animations. The influence of the film director Hayao Miyazaki is quite evident in her works. Her art has won many accolades and her works were displayed at the LLA exhibition at Salmagundi Club and the Spence School, both in New York City, USA. Her works have also been reviewed by the North Shore News in Vancouver, Canada. Her paintings and graphic stories were also displayed at the Undercurrent Projects gallery in East Village in New York City, USA.

In animation too, Li has left her mark. Her animated short film ‘Dear Best Friend’ was showcased at ASIFA-East’s 49th Awards Ceremony and was also a semi-finalist at Just Be You Performing Arts Festival.

It’s not only painting, animation, and illustration that Li is an expert in, she’s also an accomplished pianist. She performed a Mozart piano concerto as a soloist in the Beijing Symphony Orchestra. She entered several music competitions and won many awards, such as the first place in the music division of the International Meritas Academic Olympiad, second place in the New York State Spring Festival Competition, and many more.

Li showcases her works on her Instagram page where she has a following of over 53,000 fans.

Jenny Li

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