Korean Artist Creates Urban Landscapes Out of Denim that Sell for Thousands of Dollars

There was a time when denim patches used to be popular in covering jeans with holes or tears. Who would’ve thought that these little denim patches would evolve into whole denim cities and urban landscapes! The credit for this evolution goes to a young Korean artist Choi So Young.

Young has created some incredible landscapes out of denim, using its variegated blue colored pieces and acrylic paints. She is able to create all the elements and components required in the scene out of these pieces. For this, she procures used jeans from second-hand shops and utilizes every bit of them in her artwork.

One will find buttons, pockets, belt loops, yellowed leather tags, bleach stains, pocket liners, and even seams depicting some specific detail of the scene in Young’s denim compositions, such as windows, buildings, streets, telephone poles, raised highway pillars, skies, and the like.

This Korean contemporary artist, who’s based in Busan, South Korea, studied art at Dong Eui University in Busan. Her works stand out due to her clever use of different shades of blue, bleached denim, and reverse of the fabric. It’s her creative mind that helps her use the different shades to depict urban landscapes in incredible details that are usually of her hometown.

Looking from a distance, it’s very difficult to make out whether one is looking at a painting or a denim patchwork art. So intricate is Young’s use of denim pieces and so exact is her choice of colors that the scene appears to be painted on canvas. It comes as no surprise that her works are auctioned with each of them going for astronomical prices. Her one artwork titled ‘Port’ was sold at Christie’s Hong Kong for a staggering US$276,112. Of course, the price depends upon the size and medium of the artwork.

Young’s works have been exhibited at many famous art fairs, including Art Miami Basel in Basel, Switzerland; Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago in Chicago, USA; Shun Art Gallery, Shanghai, China; and many others. She has also featured in Art Daily and Reuters.

Choi So Young

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