Russian Sisters Create Beautiful Chunky Knit Blankets Using Merino Wool

What happens when two creative persons with divergent interests combine their passions? For this, you just need to see the works of these two beautiful sisters! The two are Marie and Lily Shagoyan hailing from St. Petersburg, Russia.

While one of the sisters is passionate about knitting, the other is a trained interior designer. It wasn’t long before they decided to join forces and create something of utility that’s both beautiful and unique. They hit upon the idea of knit blankets. Soon, they established Wool Hugs, their online retail shop to showcase their beautiful hand-knitted chunky knit blankets. These blankets, in delightful colors and knits, are made from a hundred percent merino wool.

It all started when the sisters created their first chunky knit blanket in 2016 for their family and friends. But the superior material and craftsmanship soon brought their work to the notice of other people. In no time, the duo started receiving orders and their small business took off. Today, the sisters sell their knitted products on their Etsy shop (affiliate link).

One thing the two made sure was never to compromise on quality. They use premium 21-micron merino wool for their knitted products that include Oversize Knit Blanket, Large Knit Blanket, Cable Knit Blanket, Red Blanket, and more. These are available in 15 colors and five sizes. However, color and size can be customized. The woolen blankets are available in the price range of $32 to $160.

The sisters state their labor of love, thus, “We really love what we’re doing and believe that not just wool will warm you but also the love we put into knitting our cozy blankets.”

The good news is the sisters ship their knitted products worldwide via express courier EMS for $20. The time taken to prepare a product depends upon its size. It takes them just a day or two for standard orders, but special ones may take upwards of 10 days of knitting.

The sisters have their own Instagram page where they have garnered over 32,000 followers. Now, the beauty and softness of Wool Hugs Chunky Knit Blankets are yours for the asking!

Marie and Lily Shagoyan

Instagram | Etsy Store (Affiliate Link)

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