A Japanese Sculptor Who Transforms Woods Into Awesome Animal Sculptures

The incredible mossy woodwork animal sculptures that you see are made by…who else…Mr. Mosswood. This is the name this Japanese sculptor prefers on his Instagram platform. Here is how he introduces himself on https://tegamisha.shop, “Niece to meet you, my name is Mosswood. I mainly make wooden sculptures with animal motifs. I would be happy if you could hold it in your hand as if you were lining up at a souvenir shop.” The products he sculpts are simply adorable and they are not limited to animals only, but also include objects and pieces of furniture!

Mosswood started on the sculpting journey quite by chance. He used to go for long walks on the mountains, river banks, and beaches, where he noticed beautiful stones and driftwood. It was the sheer beauty of these objects that compelled him to pick them up. He mentions on his website, www.kokemoku.com, “It was something that made me want to pick them up. What is there is their own folklore that they can’t explain to anyone.”

Mosswood, born in Shizuoka Prefecture of Japan, learned woodworking at Musashino Art University in Tokyo, Japan. Thereafter, he joined a furniture company where he honed his skill in carpentry. Soon after, he turned professional and started production activities of his own in Tokyo. He calls his products ‘Mossy Woodworking’ and they are most sought after by connoisseurs of art and others across the globe.

His works can be ordered from his website and he delivers across the world. Some of his creations have also been displayed in various exhibitions, such as Nishi-Ogikubo FALL solo exhibition “Let’s explore the horizon” in 2019; Nishiogikubo FALL solo exhibition “Pigeon Voice” and Orne de Feuilles solo exhibition “Sense of Animal”, both in 2020, and many more. He has over 70,000 followers on Instagram alone.

Mr. Mosswood, who is passionate about his work and is always trying to create something new for his online shop, has carved up a niche for himself. While the wooden sculptures he makes are very beautiful or quirky, the way he talks about them on his website, forum, or social media provides enough insights into the artist.

If you love collecting nature-inspired pieces, I’d definitely recommend checking out Kokemoku’s website. He has other beautiful pieces available for purchase as well. So hurry up, to get your very own piece from Mosswood’s collection!

Mossy Woodwork

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