Miniature Architectural Models In Test Tubes Give A Different Twist To Miniature Sculpting

Miniature sculpting offered by Rosa de Jong depicts a unique amalgamation of natural surroundings and a built-up environment. Most of her miniature creations showcase a variety of tiny buildings and landscapes encapsulated in glass test tubes.

What this Amsterdam-based freelance designer portrays in all her creations is the delicate balance of nature and man-made dwellings. It’s her fertile imagination, keen visualization, and deft hands that help her create such exquisite architectural miniatures that are no less than pieces of art.

Rosa’s work is intricate and entails meticulous putting together of components to turn out compelling architectural scenes. Creating miniature houses and buildings on varied terrains and suspending them into glass containers with wooden frames is no mean feat. It’s a testimony to her sculpting prowess.

Rosa’s miniature sculptures appear to float in the air inside glass test tubes, thereby providing a cross-sectional view of the foundations of buildings and root systems of trees and other vegetation depicted in the art. This makes Rosa’s creations unique and immensely picturesque.

Rosa’s ‘Micro Matter’ series involves intricate model houses and landscapes, carefully placed inside test tubes. For this, she uses easily available model-making materials, with which she meticulously crafts her sculptures with her own hands and paints them. She then carefully places them into clear test tubes. The result is stunning miniature architecture models.

The good news is Rosa’s works can be bought online. Her works are popular and sell like hotcakes. She enjoys a fan following of over 21,000 on Instagram alone.

Rosa de Jong: Instagram

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