Artist Displays His Passion For Architecture By Sketching Buildings In Amazing Details

If one is passionate about something, it becomes one’s life’s ambition. So is the case with Mariusz Uryszek, an artist and illustrator, who was passionate about architecture since his childhood. His renderings in ink of architecture, both old and new, are so detailed and real that they seem like photographs.

Identifying himself as niteatday on his Instagram page, Uryszek sketches buildings, facades, and other intricate architectural structures with such accuracy that they’ve to be seen to be believed. His eye for detail in constructions that surround us is such that even the tiniest of details don’t escape his attention while sketching.

Uryszek, who was born and raised in Warsaw, Poland, is most at ease using black ink and pen. With the help of these he ‘captures sights in ink’ with amazing accuracy. He loves sketching period medieval buildings with baroque interiors since it affords him a chance to show his skills at sketching intricate carvings and elaborate designs. He goes into the subtlest of details to make his sketches realistic. For him, the more complicated the design of the building, the better.

For an artist as talented as Uryszek, it was only natural for him to opt for architecture as a career. It was when he was preparing for enrollment into architectural colleges that he hit upon the idea of showcasing his work on Instagram. Today, he enjoys a viewership of over 61,000 on Instagram. His prints and originals are up for sale on his website

Mariusz Uryszek: Website | Instagram

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