Meet Mojito And Her New Toys Every Night

She just loves her toys so much that she takes a new toy every night with her whenever she goes to sleep. Well, we are not talking about a little girl who has a habit of taking new toys with her every night; we are talking about a dog named Mojito!

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Mojito is 3 years old and has a very peculiar taste when it comes to toys. We can say she is just very choosy about her stuff especially her toys. She recently became a therapy dog and spends all day playing with her toys.

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Sometimes she becomes generous enough to share her toys with her cat brother Vader and lets him play too.

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“Mojito has tons of toys … way too many,” Kim Downie, Mojito’s mom, told The Dodo. “She insists on picking one out every time we go to the store and of course BarkBox sends her new toys every month.”

Image: Instagram

When it’s time for bed, she’s fine — as long as she has a toy to bring upstairs with her.

“She does it when she has to go to bed early with me, almost like she needs a toy to keep her entertained,” Downie said.


“She is very specific about what she chooses to take to bed. She will search the house and empty her toy boxes until she finds whatever one she is looking for.”


Next day in the morning ….

It is Mojito who decides whether she’s ready to bring her toys back downstairs again or not!

“If we move them back downstairs, she will carry them right back up,” Downie said.


As we have already read it, Mojito has tons of toys … way too many … and each one seems to get a turn coming to bed with her.

Now, it has been about a year and a half since she is bringing toys to bed with her and her parents love to capture her journey upstairs with her chosen toy each night.


And sometimes there are too many toys so…she calls for help!

Scientists claim dogs have neophilia – preference for new things. According to them, Neophilia may be an adaptive trait for domestic dogs that have helped their adaptation towards the man.

Whatever are the reasons but Mojito does not care about them at all and busy in her journey with her new toys friend every night.

 Go for it girl why humans should have all the fun!

Via: The Dodo | Boredpanda | Instagram

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