17 Years Old Figure Skater And Her Unique Way Of Showing Her Love For Anime

Evgenia Medvedeva is 17 years Old Russian figure skater and an avid fan of anime. She is two-time world champion (2016-17) and became the first female skater to win back-to-back world titles in 16 years and also the first Russian women ever to successfully defend her world title.

Madvedeva currently holds the world record for the ladies short program, free skate, and combined total score.

It is not wrong to say she is already a champion by looking at her achievements only at the age of 17.what makes her more awesome and adds a unique charm to her personality is her undeniable love for anime. Which could be seen in her skating routines while her ‘Dream on Ice’ performance in Nagaoka, Japan; in which she performed on Sailor Moon theme routine. The performance given by her made her sensation in Japan overnight in 2016.

The World Team Trophy in Figure Skating Competition, an event that brings competition from all over the world together, held by the International Skating Union in Tokyo 2017, where once again Evgenia performed a Sailor Moon Themed routine; dressed in the main protagonist Usagi Tsukino’s iconic school girl uniform and then slowly transformed it into her battle armour same as the character does in Sailor Moon and this time accompanied by her pet Luna as well.

Her transition into the character was smooth knowing the fact that she was doing it all along with her choreography.

Evgenia performance stunned the audience as she performed on original Sailor Moon theme song, which made her moves powerfully nostalgic; making her looked coming straight out of the anime. Approaching to the end of her performance she pulled off some Sailor Moon’s classic hand gesture and ended the performance with the iconic phrase from the series Tsukini Kawatte Oshioki yo! In Japanese meaning “On behalf of the Moon, We’ll punish you”

She stole the show in Tokyo during the gala of the 2017 World Team Trophy

See: https://youtu.be/m2im6ka2UoQ

After her dazzling performance, Medvedeva even got to meet Naoko Takeuchi, artist and author of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, who presented her with a beautiful hand-drawn performance.

She loves anime especially related to her sports. She showed her love for Yuri on ice as well by posing for a picture with a cardboard cut-out of the Russian character from Yuri on Ice, Victor Nikiforov.

Image Via: Evgenia Medvedeva/Twitter

And as per wow Japan, Tadashi Hiramatsu, an artist that created Nikiforov, is also a fan of her! He watched her earlier performance and impressed by her, he even drew her in a tribute art.



Wow Japan

Her performances and unique themed, gave her a large fan following across the world especially in Japan. So she usually posted her photos either cosplaying anime or with characters as well. Apart from her usual photos, she posted a series of photos on Instagram during her journey in Japan wearing a kimono, which caused her immediate heart warming responses from her fans calling her beautiful and ‘Kawaii’ accompanying heart emojis.




Evgenia Madvedeva undoubtedly a winner in all spheres, good at studies and achieving her dreams and showing the world, what she loves and has the courage to make it her strength. Her winning track and desire to give more than her best, surely making her ‘invincible’ as assumed by many, and now she has been seen as next favourite  for gold medal at the 2018 Winter Olympic Games.

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