Pet Dog Takes A Bus To Go For A Walk In The Park All By Herself!

Don’t you wish you had a pet dog like Eclipse, who goes for a walk in the park all by herself? No, not to any neighborhood park, like most dogs do, but riding a bus to reach it! Little wonder this dog has become a celebrity of sorts in her home city, Seattle.

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She is so regular in her daily commute that all the bus drivers know her. She boards the bus at the bus stop and sits like a regular person on a seat. Her innocent and friendly looks are most endearing and welcoming for her fellow commuters.

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The best part is this black-colored cross between a Labrador and Mastiff is self-trained and got started out of sheer frustration with her owner. Once when she was waiting at the bus stop with her owner Jeff Young to go to the park, he was taking too long to finish his cigarette. So, when the bus arrived, Eclipse simply jumped inside the bus all by herself and got down at park’s exact bus stop.

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Since they had been taking the same bus daily, the pooch knew where to get off. And it is not the next stop, where the park is located, but a good three to four stops further on the D-line. It is to the credit of Eclipse that from the very beginning she knew the exact stop where to get off.

Jeff Young, who was initially worried by his pooch’s unusual move, now confidently lets her take the bus on her own. He knows where to later join her pet in the park.

Eclipse’s cute commute has not impressed the officers of the King County though, who insist that she should ideally be on a leash. However, what makes it possible for the dog to ride the bus unchallenged is the King County’s law that only requires the bus driver’s discretion to allow the pets on board.

Eclipse’s Facebook page sums it all, when it states, “I love my big city life and enjoy taking the D line daily to the Belltown dog park.” Needless to say, commuters love traveling with this harmless, four-legged creature.

Seattle Bus Riding Dog Video

Eclipse Seattle’s Bus Riding Dog

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