McDonald’s Bids Adieu To Worker With Down’s Syndrome After 33 Years Of Loyal Service

A period of 33 years is good enough for anybody to serve an organization. But someone serving it with Down’s syndrome for such a long period is certainly newsworthy. And Daniel Lybrink did make news by his loyal service to McDonald for 33 long years.

Daniel of Howell, Michigan, is afflicted with Down’s syndrome that gives a person a distinct facial appearance, intellectual disability, and delays development. Despite this handicap, he managed to join McDonald in April 1984 as a lobby manager.

Such was his love for his job and concern for his customers that he soon became a known name in Brighton’s McDonald’s. Daniel’s disarming smile and diligence was contagious. He remained his same kind self while serving the Brighton eatery for over three decades. No mean feat by any standards.

In appreciation of his dedication to the job, his loyalty and work ethic, Daniel was given a very warm send-off on his retirement, unprecedented in McDonald’s history. The send-off was organized in a most thoughtful manner too.

On the day of his retirement, a surprise party was held at the Brighton McDonald’s. In Daniel’s lobby were invited his friends, family and community members, who adored his loveable personality. The send-off was the brainchild of David Glynn, General Manager at the Brighton McDonald’s who had worked with Daniel for 13 years.

The party was celebrated with cakes, cookies, gifts and much else. It also had a memory book for guests to enter their remarks in. David was all praise for Daniel’s kind and caring nature that “makes everybody feel special”. Daniel, in his turn, considers his co-workers as his ‘other family’.

The man who battled with his handicap all these years was touched by this surprise party and more so by the presence of so many people participating in celebrating his retirement.


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