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Meet Hoshi & Zen A Perfect Duo Made For Each Other

Image Courtesy Of: The.Fluffy.Duo

God works in wondrous ways, whether it is humans or animals. If He takes away something, he compensates too. Such was the case of an American Eskimo dog, named Hoshi, who was 11 years old when he had both his eyes removed due to a painful eye disease, glaucoma, that made him stone blind.

Image Courtesy Of: The Fluffy Duo

It becomes difficult for a blind person to cope with the world, it became doubly so for Hoshi till his owners hit upon an idea. They adopted a little Pomeranian called Zen to give him company.

Image Courtesy Of: The Fluffy Duo

Zen was rescued from a local shelter six months prior to Hoshi’s surgery. Since Zen was with Hoshi throughout his recovery period, it was only a matter of time that the two became fast friends, in fact, more than fast friends.

Image Courtesy Of: The Fluffy Duo

Zen, early on, grasped the plight of his senior dog friend, Hoshi, and opted to become his eyes and ears. Acting as a guide dog, Zen began to help Hoshi to make him ease back into his former life. In no time, he became Hoshi’s personal guide dog and used to lead him in walks and other outings. For longer walks, the two dogs were leashed together for better guidance by Zen.

Image Courtesy Of: The Fluffy Duo

Today, it is not only the neighborhood outings that the two manage, but the pair travels the world hiking, camping, and kayaking. This was only possible due to the deep bond that the two dogs share.

Image Courtesy Of: The Fluffy Duo

The initial reluctance of the family to introduce a new dog to Hoshi has given way to deep admiration for the bonding that the two display.

Image Courtesy Of: The Fluffy Duo

Their friendship is simply adorable with the little Zen keeping an eye on the bigger Hoshi. The two, look happy doing everything together. Hoshi may have trouble seeing, but is living his life to the fullest, thanks to Zen.

Image Courtesy Of: The Fluffy Duo

Adventures Of Hoshi & Zen (The Fluffy Duo):

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