Matthew Grabelsky: The Artist Who Blends Surrealism with Hyperrealism

Integrating a hyperrealistic painting style with surrealist inclinations, Matthew Grabelsky creates mythological creatures that are half-human, and half-animal and depicts them doing everyday things like riding the New York City subway. His paintings challenge our perceptions of reality and question the role of animals in our lives, both as symbols and in contemporary society.

Grabelsky’s paintings are inspired by the dominance of animal symbolism in mythology and cultural ideology. He inserts these creatures into contemporary settings to explore how animals represent our subconscious and how they expose one’s character and the inclinations that lie beneath a human mask. In his works, he juxtaposes surreal images with realistic painting techniques influenced by 19th-century academic and naturalist painters. This combination creates an ethereal and dreamlike quality, leaving the viewer with a sense of unease and wonder.

One of Grabelsky’s most notable works is Snack Time (2019), in which he depicts wild animals trapped in public spaces. This piece aims to convey the message that humans’ own self-created captivity in society. The painting showcases the animals’ innate wildness and instinctual behavior, highlighting the contrast between the natural and artificial worlds. By using animals as symbols of our own trapped lives, Grabelsky invites the viewer to question their own experiences and the boundaries they’ve created for themselves.

Grabelsky’s background in Art, Art History, and Astrophysics at Rice University and Painting at the Angel Academy of Art has greatly influenced his artistic style. His education has given him a unique perspective, which allows him to create works that are both visually stunning and thought-provoking. A New York City native, he has a deep appreciation for the city’s vibrant cultural scene and the way it influences his art.

In conclusion, Matthew Grabelsky’s paintings are a beautiful blend of surrealism and hyperrealism. He creates ethereal creatures that bring a new dimension to the concept of reality. Through his works, he questions our perceptions of the world around us and the role of animals in our lives. His paintings are a must-see for anyone interested in art that challenges the boundaries of reality and invites the viewer to question their own experiences.

Matthew Grabelsky

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