Anish Kapoor’s ‘The Bean’ Takes Shape in New York City: A Reflective Icon Amidst the Skyline

Anish Kapoor’s first permanent public work in New York, commonly known as “The Bean,” has finally been completed and installed beneath the cantilevered slabs at the base of the 2017-built “Jenga” tower at 56 Leonard Street. The massive sculpture, measuring 48 feet long and 19 feet tall and weighing 40 tons, comprises of 38 stainless steel panels welded together over a supportive framework.

The challenging installation of The Bean in the Tribeca neighborhood began in 2019 and was plagued with difficulties, including a hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic and a reported rupture in the reflective skin due to heat differences. However, despite these setbacks, the work has reached its seamless completion, marking a new sculptural icon for New York City.

The Bean’s deep, curved, concave surface reflects the sky and the cityscape, creating an ever-changing experience for the viewer. Its stainless steel surface loops around the circumference, distorting the viewer’s surroundings and encouraging exploration and intrigue. By day, The Bean serves as a beacon of light, while at night its reflective surface is illuminated by its surroundings.

Anish Kapoor introduces The Bean as a captivating addition to the vibrant sidewalks of Tribeca, offering a moment of respite from the city. The work’s reflective surface invites passersby to pause and explore the distorted cityscape, creating an intimate connection between the sculpture and the viewer.

Via: DesignBoom

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