Discover the Dreamy World of Instagram Artist Poppy Chancellor

For a unique and captivating art experience, follow Instagram artist Poppy Chancellor. Based in Brighton, Poppy is a talented illustrator specializing in paper cutting. She blends her passion for illustration and paper art to create stunning works of art that leave a lasting impression.

From Kingston University to the Royal Drawing School: The Journey of Paper Cutting Artist Poppy Chancellor.

Poppy’s journey as an artist began with a degree in illustration from Kingston University, followed by studies at the prestigious Royal Drawing School. During her time at the drawing school, she started creating custom paper artwork for friends and family. Over the past ten years, she has continued to refine her skills in this area, providing personalized art pieces to both private and commercial clients.

In addition to her private work, Poppy is known for her papercutting workshops. She has taught hundreds of people at iconic venues such as The Royal Academy of Art, The V&A Museum, and The Southbank Centre, as well as at popular events and festivals like Latitude Festival and Bestival. She is a regular at The Handmade Festival at Hampton Court, where she shares her knowledge and inspires others with her passion for paper art.

Poppy’s illustrations, which can be found on her Instagram account (@poppyspapercuts), often feature whimsical characters and dream-like landscapes, creating a unique and imaginative world. Her animations, which bring her illustrations to life, are just as charming and entertaining.

In conclusion, Poppy Chancellor is a talented and inspiring artist who combines her love of illustration and paper art to create spellbinding works of art. If you’re looking to discover new art forms, be sure to check out her work and attend one of her workshops.

Paper cutting artist Poppy Chancellor

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