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An Amazingly Imaginative Mom Posts Incredible Images On Instagram

Seeing the photographs composed by Vanessa Rivera, one can very well conclude that she is an imaginative arranger, since she arranges her subjects in the frame to transpose them into incredible works of art.

This mother of three doting children is a resident of California and labels herself as a writer and a future educator. In addition to her artistic bent of mind, this skilled composer with Mexican roots, also loves travelling around the world and loves sushi. These are all the details that she lets on, goading the readers to find out more through her writings.

Rivera’s ‘The Life of AIVAX’ depicted on Instagram shows her own children framed in various poses with other household objects completing the picture. AIVAX is an acronym for the names of her family members – Anthony, Indie, Vanessa, Adyline and Xander. Composing images of her children not only separates her form of art from the rest, but also acts as an inspiration for all the moms of the world.

Rivera aims to depict the lives of her children as full of energy and playfulness through her compositions. It is her unique power of imagination and creative arrangements of her children and objects that makes her compositions so popular and liked.

Rivera posted her first image on Instagram in 2013 and it became an instant hit. Since then, there has been no looking back for her. With the birth of her third child, Indie, her compositions are now friendlier than ever. This also gave her a chance to dive deep into her photography and post her new creations on her Instagram account that is steadily growing.

It is not only the images that she now posts on Instagram but also her newly founded matching blog. What’s more she has also become an educator, having finished her school.

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Image Via: Vanessa

Image Via: Vanessa

Image Via: Vanessa

Image Via: Vanessa

Image Via: Vanessa

Image Via: Vanessa

Image Via: Vanessa

Image Via: Vanessa

Image Via: Vanessa

Image Via: Vanessa

Vanessa(The Life Of AIVAX)

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