Swedish Mum And Her Family Become Instagram Rage

If you have seen them once, you’ve seen them all is probably the first reaction you get once you look at some of the photos of the adorable family of Joanna Johansson superimposed with fruits and vegetables. But, this is not what this loving family is all about.

This Swedish mum has a doting husband and two beautiful children – Charlie and Hailey. Joanna took it upon herself to photograph the various facets of her family which is a delightful mix of togetherness, family bonding, joyfulness and what have you.

These are no ordinary sets of photos, every photo of hers is aesthetically pleasing and tells a story. Take for example one that according to Joanna “really feels like spring in our bedroom”, with an amazing combination of dusty pink and grey adorned with Desenio posters.

The story that almost all her photos depict is of a close-knit loving family that showcases a caring husband, a doting wife and their two adorable children. These photos underline the importance of family as a unit. This is probably why the photos have become an instant hit with the masses.

The photos have a commercial angle too. Whatever Joanna and her family members wear or apply is a brand they promote. Take for example Joanna’s favorites in her makeup bag that belong to Yves Rocher Nordic, which claims to be a ‘Botanical Beauty’ since 1959. She also showcases VERTIGE mascara and 154 MAT lipsticks.

It comes as no surprise that Joanna Johansson enjoys a following of over 300,000 on Instagram which is increasing with every passing day.

Joanna Johansson

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