Minimalistic Colored Micro Designs Of Israeli Tattoo Artist Look Like Mini Pop Culture Paintings

Eden Kozokaro, who goes by the name of Kozo Tattoo on Instagram, is making waves on the internet as a tattoo artist. The reason is his tattoos are not the usual black-inked tattoos, but brightly colored micro designs, which look so incredible that they’ve taken the social media by storm.

These tattoos are not only technically flawless but also reference pop culture classics. According to Kozokaro, his tattoo styles are an expression of his knowledge of classical painting, which he amazingly expresses in the limited space on the body. This is why he keeps his designs are as minimalistic as possible. The most surprising part is this exceptional tattoo artist is yet to turn 23!

Kozokaro’s journey as a tattoo artist commenced when one of his friends ordered the cheapest machine available on eBay and offered him to try it on him. Thus, his friend became his first client. Such was Kozokaro’s excitement in finding out the hidden tattooing talent that he offered his services to everyone he knew. As his expertise grew, so did his clients.

Kozokaro considers himself a pop culture tattoo artist because he has been inspired by the Japanese animation of Studio Ghibli, a Japanese animation film studio, based in Koganei, Tokyo, Japan, best known for its anime feature films. According to him, this Studio offers the highest level of art. Its detailed and aesthetic designs motivate him no end.

Today, Kozokaro get inspired by traveling places and his favorite destination is South Korea since their artists and culture influence him greatly. He plans to leave Tel Aviv when he turns 23, travels around the world, explores different cultures and cities, and create something new every day.

Kozokaro is aware that people think his minimalistic colored tattoos don’t heal well. That’s why he makes it a point to post his healed tattoos, just to lay their fears to rest. His favorite spot for tattooing is the upper body, close to the eye-line so that people can easily see all the minute details. Little wonder he commands a viewership of over 480,000 on Instagram alone.

Kozo Tattoo: Instagram

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