Foil Art Of This Artist Will Leave You Totally Mesmerized

If you’ve not heard of foil art, we don’t blame you. This is because it’s a rare and delicate form of art that only a few pursue. And one of the greatest ones doing that is Jessica Cooper. Her foil art is so mesmerizing that it has to be seen to be believed.

The best part is you can see Jessica in action in many of her YouTube video clips. If you think foil art is easy, think again. It has taken her years to hone her skills since every possible thing can go wrong in foiling.

Jessica explains in her blog what all can go wrong in foiling. One of the most common issues in foiling is creasing, which she combats with a specialized Heidi Swapp Minc machine. Then is the spotty coverage, where you get black dots on the foil, due to insufficient heat reaching the toner. This is cured by increasing the temperature.

The problem of flaking foil, due to hasty peeling, is prevented by waiting until the print has fully cooled down. Last, but not the least, is the invasion of black specks due to dust particles, and the like. Her simple remedy is to blow on the print before putting the foil on.

Jessica uses a number of tools for her foiling art, such as Amazon basics laminator, minc foil, cardstock, and a Lexmark laser printer. The good news is you can own Jessica’s works from her Etsy page. What’s more, she can make foil print of your own design, if it is feasible.

Little wonder her foil art is so popular on the internet. She has over 370,000 fans on Instagram alone.

Jessica Cooper: Website | Instagram | Etsy

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