Couple Designs Pet Tree Houses That Provide Natural Feline Habitat To Pet Cats

How do you make your pet cat comfortable? By buying it a soft cat bed, isn’t it? If you think cats feel comfortable in such beds, like humans, think again. Felines would rather prefer their natural habitat. This was probably the thought with which Joe and Shelly started designing pet tree houses for their own cats in 2008.

Joe, a custom home builder of million-dollar homes and Shelly, passionate about animals, turned out to be a perfect couple to take up this innovative venture. The pet tree houses they build are not perched upon any tree but are designed to be kept right inside homes. These treehouses bring the outdoors inside homes!

These houses not only induce the feline’s natural environment but also offer them a realistic outdoor experience. The best part is cats actually use these pet houses. Installing one inside your home will certainly deter your pet cat from disappearing into the nearest tree.

Of course, designing tree houses that appeal to cats was the difficult part. The couple spent years in perfecting these houses so that they’re not only appealing to the cats but are also aesthetic enough to be kept inside homes. To make their dream a reality, Joe took a leap of faith and left his custom home business to delve full time into building these treehouses.

For this, the couple opened a manufacturing plant and also opened a showroom in Sanford in Florida, US. Each treehouse is made of the highest quality cedar wood which is handpicked by Joe from real trees. Each tree needs a thousand individual cuts to be built. It’s not surprising these treehouses became popular in no time.


Today, Joe and Shelly have top clients in their fold. These include Seminole County Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals; Candy’s Cats; Hollywood Hounds; and many more.

Image Via: Etsy

Image Via: Etsy

Image Via: Etsy

Image Via: Etsy

Image Via: Etsy

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