Land Artist Adorns The Pembrokeshire Coastline With Massive Sculptures On Sand

If you ever happen to visit the Pembrokeshire coastline, located southwest of Wales, UK, you’d be surprised to find stunning sculptures on the beach. The credit for this outdoor creativity goes to Jon Foreman, who produces amazing sculptures on sand using just a stick, a standard garden rake, and some string.

Some of Foreman’s sculptures are so enormous, they cover the entire beach, measuring up to 50 meters across! Smaller ones, made from balancing stones, are so intricate they seem almost impossible to create. Most of his works can be seen on Sandy Haven at Herbranston or Lindsway Bay at St. Ishmaels.

This 26-year-old, who calls himself a land artist, says there is no explanation that accompanies his creations. On, he is quoted as saying, “I feel a lot of work has forced explanations when a lot of the time it doesn’t need explaining.”

Despite his outstanding sculptures, he remains humble, calling his art as a “form of escapism”. He says on, “Everyone knows that going to the beach or being out in nature releases stress, so this is basically the ultimate therapy. In our current world with so much going on, it’s so good to get away from all that and coexist with nature.”

Foreman has been creating his land art since he left school and he really doesn’t mind his painstaking works being wiped away by tides, wind or beachgoers. For him, it’s nature at work and his passion for sculpting never abates. In fact, he enjoys getting his work erased and, at times, he even stays to watch it disappear! According to him, it’s all part of the process and is like the circle of life.

Foreman loves to infuse variety in his sculpting and is always on the lookout for something ‘different’. For his art, he uses various objects, such as stones, leaves, wood stumps, driftwood, seashells, broken glass, debris or whatever else he can lay his hands on. He also does pure sand art.

Foreman works have been displayed in many art festivals and he has a sizeable fan following on social media, including Instagram.

Jon Foreman: Website | Instagram

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