Adorable Four-Year-Old Kid Cosplays Star Wars Character, The Mandalorian, And Wins Hearts

When Logan Winter Dominic was just two years old, he got a chance to visit the Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge theme park with his dad. He saw his favorite Star Wars characters and instantly fell in love with them. And so was the case with his dad!

It was then that Logan’s dad hit upon the idea of dressing up his son as one of these characters. And his choice was the Mandalorian straight out of the hit live-action TV series ‘The Mandalorian’ from the Disney+ channel. Logan got a chance to showcase his cosplaying at the Long Beach Comic Expo in California. And guess what? It was his father who had created the full dress, complete with all its accouterments.

Not only did Logan cosplay the part in full, but he also carried around his own Baby Yoda, just like the original character. In the process, he also got the chance to meet his Star Wars hero, Rey, and her adversary, Kylo Ren. Imagine a young Mandalorian walking hand-in-hand with Rey down the street; they looked oh-so-sweet.

At the Empire Con at Los Angeles, Logan, playing the Mandalorian, did not just stand around displaying his costume but made it even more interesting by recreating and enacting the sequel trilogy. He has a run-in with Kylo Ren, the villain, who recruits him and entrusts him with a secret mission to help locate a Resistance spy hiding in the outpost.

Our little hero is not taken in by the villain’s sweet tongue. He agrees only to gain Kylo’s trust but doesn’t disclose the Resistance leader even when quizzed by two stormtroopers. The video of this encounter is too cute to be missed and can be seen in

Logan’s father shared how the Mandalorian costume came about. He had printed the armor in 3D and painted it with his own hands to give it a weathered look. He put together the rest of the dress with his own hands. And to make it look even more realistic, he even handed a Baby Yoda to his little cosplayer.

Little wonder Logan has a sizeable fan following on the social media.

Logan Winter Dominic: Instagram

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