Bulgarian Artist Carves Realistic Flora and Fauna Out of Fruits

Give him any solid fruit and what you get back is breath-taking artwork. Such is the carving skills of Angel Boraliev, a fruit carving artist from Varna, Bulgaria. And of course, his pet fruit remains the pumpkin, the Halloween favorite. However, his creations are not limited to fruits, he also carves soaps and candles!

Boraliev started carving six years ago and he aptly calls it ‘endless art’. He gained expertise in this form of art while working in the hotel and restaurant industry. There he offered live demonstrations of his carving process. According to him, his goal is always to convey a special mood to the guests. However, his pumpkin carving on Halloween is what really wins the viewers’ hearts due to their intricate and realistic designs, and perfect execution.

Says he on boredpanda.com, “I carve fruits, vegetables, and soaps into real sculptures – from animals and flowers to different objects from everyday life.” He has participated in many projects and is always open to new ideas and collaborations. Such immense talent cannot go unrecognized, as he won a gold medal at Balkan’s Culinary Competition in Bulgaria.

Today, Boraliev has his own Etsy shop called Atelier A.B.Carving, where he offers hand-carved soaps and candles. He also opened another Etsy shop, called ‘TheWorldinpaper’ with his girlfriend that sells interesting items, such as lampshades, nightlights made out of paper in origami style and original jewelry.

Boraliev works are up for sale on his Etsy shops and he enjoys a large following on social media platforms.

Angel Boraliev Carving Artist

Instagram | Etsy Store

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