Peterson’s Stunning B&W Photos Draw Over A Million Fans On Instagram

That yesteryears B&W photography is making a comeback is evident from the popularity being enjoyed by Jason M Peterson. This Chicago-based man is a class B&W photographer, what with his creative compositions of amazing cityscapes to ordinary street shots to bold and graphic ones.

Each photograph evokes feelings and emotions. Little wonder, Peterson enjoys a fan following of over a million on Instagram…an honour reserved only for the celebrities!

Peterson is no overnight sensation. The photography bug bit him, when he was only 13 and he followed his passion in the right earnest. For over 25 years, he has painstakingly honed his photography skills to come up with some astounding photographs that compel one to look at it in detail and enjoy his flawless compositions.

Being Chief Creative Officer of Havas North America, an advertising agency has contributed towards the finesse seen in his photographs. Each of his B&W work evokes emotions and tells a story. This is because he puts soul into every shot he takes.

Probably it was his shy nature or reluctance to expose his work to others that prevented him from sharing his work from the time he took up photography seriously. It was only in the past five years that he has opened up and displayed his work to the general public.


His photographs convey the depth of his own feelings. His gift of composition allows him to play with shadows, angles and lines. He possesses a keen sense of balancing the elements in the photo. Peterson is comfortable shooting all kinds of photos, whether it is a city scene or something in nature. He is as also at ease shooting aerial photographs or capturing the spirit of a concert.

It is the B&W photographs that have made Peterson famous, but he maintains that this medium doesn’t define him. He says, “To me, my photos aren’t about black and white at all. I’m trying to capture human emotion, make the viewer feel something. Black and white help focus on that emotion – colour is one less thing to be in the way of seeing and feeling.”  

Peterson’s ultimate goal appears to be to stimulate his fans to discover the smallest details in their surroundings. With a following this huge, he is certain to achieve this goal.

See For Yourself why peoples love following Jason.

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Image Via: Jason Peterson Instagram

Image Via: Jason Peterson Instagram

Image Via: Jason Peterson Instagram

Image Via: Jason Peterson Instagram

Image Via: Jason Peterson Instagram

Image Via: Jason Peterson Instagram

Image Via: Jason Peterson Instagram

Image Via: Jason Peterson Instagram

Image Via: Jason Peterson Instagram

Image Via: Jason Peterson Instagram

Image Via: Jason Peterson Instagram

Image Via: Jason Peterson Instagram

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