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This 17-Year-Old’s Surrealistic Photography Gives Her Instant Success On Instagram

When normal teenagers are chatting on their mobiles and downloading apps, this amazing 17-year-old is creating her surrealistic world that one reporter has described as, ‘fascinating worlds within worlds that are magical and thought-provoking’.

Meet Luisa Azevedo, a talented teenager, who has risen to instant fame through Instagram. Her beautifully aesthetic compositions, that include simple collages and intriguing visuals, have become a rage.

Image: Luisa Azevedo /hey.luisa

Luisa, belonging to Covilhã, a small town in Portugal countryside, now resides in Lisbon. An avid photographer, she posts a lot of pictures on Instagram. Such is Luisa’s love for photography that she says, “I hate when I don’t have enough time to take photographs or when I don’t feel inspired.

Image: Luisa Azevedo /hey.luisa

Sometimes I feel disappointed with myself when I realize I could do much better.” To her, photography is an escape from reality and an aid to develop her creative way of seeing the world. 

Image: Luisa Azevedo /hey.luisa

Once this high school student discovered photography through Instagram, she started having fun. Although she has a keen eye for composition and is extremely creative, she never had any formal training in art, but always pursued creative activities.

Image: Luisa Azevedo /hey.luisa

Seeing Luisa’s keenness in art, her parents made it a point to take her to art galleries and exhibitions every year in her summer vacations and fully supported her creative gift.

Image: Luisa Azevedo /hey.luisa

When she discovered photography, in the last couple of years, she started clicking pictures and photoshopping them to create her own imaginary world.

Image: Luisa Azevedo /hey.luisa

What’s more, she learned most of her Photoshop skills by herself, through YouTube tutorials. She started sharing them on the social media and, at such a tender age, also started getting commissioned projects. And why not? Her creations provide a new angle to surrealism that depicts surreal life in its myriad forms.

Image: Luisa Azevedo /hey.luisa

It was Instagram that changed her way of seeing photography. And when she started sharing her work on the social media, the response she got was beyond her expectations. People enjoyed her work and started giving her positive feedback

Image: Luisa Azevedo /hey.luisa

This gave her the impetus to improve herself and that endeavour still continues. Currently, she is a student of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon, majoring in Multimedia Art. Her surreal photography is all set to take the world by storm.

Image: Luisa Azevedo /hey.luisa

We can only fondly wish that her creative side becomes more captivating and motivating to make her surrealism art more alive and amazing than before. Why not follow heyluisa on Instagram to enjoy her creations.

Image: Luisa Azevedo /hey.luisa

Luisa Azevedo | hey.luisa

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