Painting Sad Faces On Discarded Furniture And Other Items Lets This LA Street Artist convey The Sorrow ‘Felt’ By These Inanimate Objects

People dump their household appliances, pieces of furniture and other items, God knows, everywhere. And this has become a common sight in Los Angles, where you will find discarded television set on a street corner, an overused sofa on the curb, a worn-out mattress resting against the wall of a building and other such items in all kinds of places.

All this clutter becomes a big eyesore for the inhabitants and projects a poor image of the city. However, there is a person who turns this junk into pieces of art and how!

Meet Lonesome Town (An Instagram Profile), an LA-based street artist, who, instead of feeling disgusted, goes about giving ‘life’ to throw away furniture and other items. Those residing in Koreatown, a neighbourhood in Central Los Angles, are familiar with the works of this artist. What he does is to simply paint sad or crying clown faces on the trashed items.

Lonesome Town, makes sofas, chairs, televisions, shelves and what have you his canvas to draw and paint sad clown faces on. By doing so, the artist tries to convey the ‘feelings’ of these inanimate objects and shows how sad and heartbroken these items become on being unceremoniously dumped by the roadside.The town has been doing this artwork in Koreatown for the past one year.

Whether this initiative by Lonesome Town would keep people from throwing out their furniture and other items is not certain, but his art certainly entertains people!

Image Via: Instagram

Image Via: Instagram

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Lonesome Town


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