This Interior Designer Excels In Kids’ Décor And Her Style Is Making Waves On The Internet

Dania Farhat is her name and thinking out of the box is what makes her so unique. This mother-of-three is an interior designer by profession and currently resides in Greater Detroit Area.

It was way back in 2013 while undergoing interior designer course at Henry Ford Community College, she wanted something special for her kids’ bedrooms. For inspiration, she turned to the internet. However, the online sources did not offer what she had in mind. In fact, these sites simply displayed general interior designs and nothing specific for the kids’ décor.

This total neglect of kids’room décor nudged her to start her own page…a page that spoke of her design aesthetics. This is how was born and launched in 2017. It was welcomed by a whole lot of people and notched up a fan following of over 765,000 on Instagram. Today, it has turned from just an inspiration page to a brand.

Dania Farhat Founder of Decor For Kids

So, what does actually offers? Well, it’s an inspirational platform for everything concerning kids, ranging from interior designing of their rooms to decorating it. By means of her website and social media, Dania presents the latest trends in children’s décor and sources of where to find the products.

In addition, Dania also provides advice on where to start and do-it-yourself projects. Her aim is to alleviate the common problems faced by people in finding suitable décor for their kids’ rooms. 

Dania describes meeting her two ‘client’ sisters – one a tween and other a teenager. They were not in agreement with the colour of the walls of their room. For Dania, as she puts it, “Choosing the perfect shade of light blue was very important. I wanted something that was not too overwhelming. The overall sense of this particular blue is calming, cheerful and peaceful, like an ocean on a warm and sunny day.”

Dania further explains, “The blue creates a sense of serenity and adds a refreshing feeling to space.” She suggested pairing it with neutrals. She went ahead selecting a wallpaper with a similar shade of blue, along with other neutral colours. She explains, “I used the wallpaper and the wall colour as an inspiration for the overall design, to create a cohesive and soft look.”Of course, her happy little clients lapped up her suggestions.

Despite remaining busy creating unique décor for kids’ décor, Dania finds time to volunteer for social causes whenever possible. She cares about children, education, health, human rights, environment, etc.

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Photo: Decor For Kids

Photo: Decor For Kids

Photo: Decor For Kids

Photo: Decor For Kids

Photo: Decor For Kids

Dania Farhat

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