The Mega-Rich Flaunt Their Riches Through ‘Falling Stars’ Challenge

How do the rich and elite flaunt their riches? Well, they wear diamonds, designer clothes, luxurious accessories and travel in the most expensive cars and private jets. But, in today’s world, this has becoming oh-so-cliched! The new trend is the ‘falling stars’ challenge. And yes, it’s really eyeball-grabbing!

The trend, being popularized on the internet by the wealthy Asians, actually originated in Russia and has now travelled to China and other parts of Asia. The trend has caught the imagination of the internet fraternity.

The whole thing is certainly the work of a genius, as it’s guaranteed to glue the viewer to the image. It cleverly combines two elements that have the power to attract anyone and everyone – the elite and accidents! You heard it right. The challenge is simple, the rich appear to have fallen out of their luxury vehicle, dropping lavish items of their favourite brands.

The photographs depict the mega-rich in various ‘fallen’ poses that may involve their luxury cars, gym, library, operation theatre or what have you! They also have all the luxury items they’re carrying, neatly ‘scattered’ around.

But what does all this achieve? It achieves much in terms of eyeball-grabbing, for it not only shows how rich the elite youth are but also displays neatly arranged luxury items they use. A clever and ingenious ploy to advertise luxury brands.

The subjects in the photograph may be ‘influencers’ commanding a sizeable following on the social media or the mega-rich wanting, as they call it, their fifteen minutes of fame. Both do this with the common intent of projecting how crazy rich they actually are. This has presented a golden opportunity to the leading brands to advertise their luxury items through these photographs.

It remains to be seen where the megalomania will eventually lead the elite rich in their search for fame.

Not Just the rich kids now, Common Peoples are now Introducing their own version of Falling Stars challenge.

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