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Kindergarten Halloween Costumes Of Death Note Series Makes The Two Toddlers Internet Sensations

When toddlers do those cute little things, they really touch our hearts and compel us to utter in delight, “Sooo… sweet!” And that’s how people reacted last year when Momo, a two-year-old toddler from Kaohsiung, Taiwan, dressed up for Halloween as No-Face, from the popular film ‘Spirited Away’.

spirited away no face halloween costume
Image Via: 萌萌咩咩(小小無臉男)

But, this year she upped her act. She and her younger sister, Miemie, dressed up as Ryuk and L, respectively for Momo’s kindergarten Halloween costume party. Although they looked so adorable and made the members of their family go, “Awww….”, Miemie got so scared looking at Momo’sdreadful get up that she burst out crying!

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Image Via:萌萌&咩咩(小小無臉男)

For the uninitiated, both Ryuk and L are fictional characters in the manga series, ‘Death Note’, created by TsugumiOhaba and Takeshi Obata. WhileRyuk is a beloved death god, L is the world-famous detective in the same series.

What was really surprising was Ryuk’s look and the costume was Momo’s own idea. Momo was inspired for this look after watching Ryuk version of ‘Pen Pineapple Apple Pen’. However, it took their mother, Elmo Chen, a full month to persuade Miemieto to dress up as ‘L’ and accompany Momo to her kindergarten Halloween party.

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Image Via:萌萌&咩咩(小小無臉男)

Like last year, this year tooMomohad decided to show no mercy to her classmates. When she and Miemie walked into the classroom as Ryuk and L, no one could specifically recognize Momo and she gets up really scared her friends. Momo sauntered triumphantly till the time her classmates recognized her and were all agog at how she and Miemie managed to dress up so believably with exact makeup and all.

luke & l death note halloween costume 1
Image Via:萌萌&咩咩(小小無臉男)

However, despite these few uncomfortable reactions from children, there were no tears this year, as was evident from the video taken by their mom. But, when Chen put the cute photos in Halloween costumes up on the social media, these two girls became instantly popular.

It did not take much time for these cute photos to go viral. People loved the littleMomo in her macabre outlook and Miemie in an exact replica of L. Their look was really praiseworthy. Momo’smother did not expect the photos of the two to go viral, but when they did, it made her and her daughters incredibly happy. 

Although Momo failed to make any of her classmate cries, she was happy to have instilled some amount of fear in them!

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Image Via:萌萌&咩咩(小小無臉男)


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