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The Exquisite Wedding Gowns Of This Intuitive Designer Have Become A Must-Have For Brides-To-Be

What happens when passion and love for business meet? Who better than Rebecca Schoneveld to answer it! This exceptional Brooklyn-based designer creates such exquisite wedding dresses that brides-to-be make a beeline to buy her dresses. Thanks to her entrepreneurial itch, she has made a business out of creating gowns.

This Embroiderer Has Costume Designers Queuing Up For Her Incredible Needlework

Some people are so gifted they don’t have to struggle to figure out their calling in life. One such amazing person is Laura Baverstock, who probably knew what she’s going to be when she grows up. And lo! She grew up to become a specialist hand embroiderer, textile artist, and illustrator, whose works, today, are …

Creating Creatures From Petals And Leaves Is Making This Artist Popular On The Internet

Raku Inoue’s art is a delightful combination of flora and fauna. What he does is unique. He arranges a colorful variety of flower petals and leaves to create animals, birds, and insects. And it’s no digital art. He meticulously selects real flowers and leaves, arranges them in the form of animals, birds, and insects. Raku’s …