The Amazing Realistic Miniatures Of This Korean Figure Maker Is Wowing All

TJ Cha, a resident of Seoul, South Korea, describes himself as a figure maker. And boy! The kind of realism he brings into his miniature figures is to be seen to be believed. Little wonder his creations are making waves on the internet.

It all started when Cha, as a small child, visited a toy shop and got hooked to small figurines of superheroes displayed in the show window. He soon became a keen collector of miniatures till one fine day he actually started making them.

It was in 2003 that Cha decided to try his hand at making dolls. His natural gift of molding and creating small figures was recognized by one and all and helped him bag a job in a toy company called Hot Toys. Here he worked and gained valuable experience from 2008 to 2013.

Working for a company did not give Cha the kind of job satisfaction he was seeking. His passion for clay work prompted him to set out on his own. And that’s exactly what he did. He started using polymer clay and aluminum wires to form the body and learned to bake it. To fill in the details he used epoxy putty and finished them with vibrant paints. Cha’s ultimate aim is to express the wonderful human body in all its glory through his amazing miniatures.

Not only did Cha create some incredible miniature figurines and showcased them on the social media, but also posted the tutorials of some of his creation on YouTube. This gained Cha instant fame and, today, his works displayed on this social media platform are going great guns. By taking recourse to YouTube, he aims to keep alive the characters he creates and also build a lasting relationship with his ardent fans.

Currently, Cha enjoys a following of over 60,000 fans on Instagram and many more on various social media platforms.

TJ Cha

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